My Hard Drive Debacle

As many of you know, I suffered a hard drive crash the day after the Lansing Turkeyman Trot. At risk? Everything I’ve shot since the first week of July, more than four months worth of work representing more than 30 races and countless other events. Loss was not an option. After trying everything at my disposal, I took the only sensible avenue left to me and sent the drive to a data recovery specialist while it still had a pulse.

The technical details of what happened are mind-numbing, so I’ll just give you the short version: many of the files appear recoverable, but it’s a very, very slow process. The drive only works long enough to recover a few photos, maybe a dozen, before it quits. It then needs to be shut down and cooled off before trying again. With some 30-40,000 photos involved, it doesn’t even matter what the hourly rate is — this is an extraordinarily expensive undertaking, and still may not work.

Most of you know that I do what I do both to earn a living and because I love it. I also cherish the fact that many of my customers are now also my friends. This is a true labor of love for me and I don’t typically look for handouts, but this photo recovery presents a real hardship for me. If any of you are so moved, please at least consider donating to the TimeFramePhoto “Dead Drive” fund to help offset this ridiculous expense. Simply click the button below to donate any amount you feel appropriate. Any donation, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, will be appreciated beyond words.

Thank you!


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