Best Archive Deal EVER!

As most of you know, I move race photos off to my archives every few months to make room for new races, and that move comes with a price increase. This year, I’ve held off longer than usual and will be archiving 40 (FORTY!) races next Wednesday, 11/20/13, at midnight. That gives you one week to place any orders you’ve been sitting on and beat the price hike. But wait … there’s more!

For every $100 worth of product ordered (shipping costs don’t count here) I’ll email you a $25 gift voucher! Order $100 worth, get a voucher; order $200 worth, get two vouchers. Orders cannot be combined to hit the $100 increments, but the vouchers are yours to use for future events, give as gifts, whatever you choose. The races scheduled to be archived are listed and linked below. Ready, set, GO!

If you’re local and want to save on shipping, feel free to just email me letting me know what you want (race, filename, print or digital, size, quantity). We can then meet at an upcoming race or at the Playmakers store for a handoff. Or, in the case of digital photos, I’ll just email them to you.

Thanks and enjoy!

Dane Robison
TimeFramePhoto | Facebook


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